About Casa Selvagem

The story

Casa Selvagem Home Collection 10 is a brand founded in 2003 in Portugal, by the creator Irene Nunes through their experience, from the father Nunes Carneiro, in the area of design and manufacturing, and its unique vision and passion to create trends and new interior products. The brand stands out for being the first in the world to have as its inspiration the use of crystal Swarovski in their products; and all products are certified by the authenticity of it ( "Crystallized with Swarovski".).

The brand

Casa Selvagem develops, creates and produces unique collections, made in Portugal, in the area of textile decoration, aggregated with other interior products, what permits to combine ambients full of glamour and class. It is present in major international markets and it is characterized by the detail and the details of the entire collection, where the craftsmanship associated with the high-quality materials, delight customers and fans around the world.


Each collection reflects a theme, a story and an experience that attracts and impress for its quality and originality. It is characterized by being a versatile brand, that wants to offer exactly what the client imagines for that space on that moment. This establishes a trust between the brand and the designers, because the detail is that sometimes defines an entire inside and a space. It is this energy, dedication and magic that defines the entire Casa Selvagem Collection.

The factory

The company is located in the north of Portugal, an old factory built in 1959 by the father of the creator, and the uniqueness of it, is to have some of the existing furniture production machines of that time, in its decoration.